Life An Odyssey

Time-tested Mantras Providing Solutions to Life`s Problems
Life An Odyssey
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Author: Dr. Manish Maladkar
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061948
Code: 9394A
Pages: 168
Price: Rs. 150.00

Publisher: Unicorn Books
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Life is a mystery for those who keep running behind their expectations, ignoring the need to explore their soul and the happiness therein. Exploring the soul needs reflection. Reflection leads to realization, realization leads to wisdom and wisdom is the path to enlightenment. Life—An Odyssey is a choice selection of 35 musings. Each musing provides an introspective path to successfully overcome the different challenges that everyone encounters.

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About the Author(s)

Dr Manish Maladkar, M.D., M.C.C.P. (USA) is actively engaged in inspirational and scientific writings for the last two decades and has authored many articles in renowned International as well as Indian journals and newspapers. He has done his M.D. from Grant Medical College and JJ Hospitals Mumbai. Professionally, he is holding a senior position in a leading pharmaceutical company and is also on the editorial advisory board of reputed publications.


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1. It Is Because One Antelope Will Blow Dust From Another’s Eye That Two Antelopes Walk Together
2. Who Looks Outwards, Sleeps; Who Looks Inwards, Awakes
3. Teach Me To Live, That I May Dread The Grave As Little As My Bed
4. Forgiveness Is The Fragrance The Flower Gives, Upon The Heel That Crushes It
5. In Dying To Self, We Experience The Miracle Of Life
6. If Our Dreams Were To Become Reality,They Would Actually Be Nightmares
7. When You Finally Trust Yourself, You Will Know How To Live
8. A Man Who Fears Suffering Is Already Suffering From What He Fears
9. Grace Is Receiving What We Do Not Deserve; Mercy Is Not Receiving What We Do Deserve
10. The True Meaning Of Life Is To Plant Trees Under Whose Shade You Do Not Expect To Sit
11. That Alone Is Living By Which Many Others Live
12. Life Without A Mission Is Omission
13. Even If I Know That Tomorrow The World Would Go To Pieces, I Would Still Plant My Apple Tree
14. I Am Time Who Destroys Man’s World. I Am Time That Is Now Ripe. Even Without You, All These Warriors, Drawn Up For Battle Will Cease To Exist
15. When A Father Helps His Son To Walk, Both Laugh, When A Son Helps His Father To Walk, Both Cry
16. Do Not Grieve That Rose Bushes Have Thorns, Rather Rejoice That Thorny Bushes Have Roses
17. If You Want A Rainbow, You Have To Put Up With The Rain
18. To Bring Anything In Your Life, Imagine It Is Already There
19. Happiness Is The Ultimate Goal— It Is The Goal Of All Other Goals
20. The Search For Happiness Is One Of The Chief Sources Of Unhappiness
21. To Love Is To Place Our Happiness In The Happiness Of Another
22. Happiness Is The End For Which Human Beings Are Designed
23. Some Feel The Rain, Some Just Get Wet
24. One Meets His Destiny, Often On The Road He Takes To Avoid It
25. Happiness Achieved Is Materialistic, Happiness Felt Is Divine
26. Not All Men Are Born Equal, Some Are Born To Win
27. Any Man’s Death Diminishes Me, Because I Am Involved In Mankind; And Therefore Never Tend To Know For Whom The Bell Tolls, It Tolls For Thee
28. And Think Not You Can Direct The Course Of Love For Love If It Finds You Worthy, Directs Your Course
29. If You Want A Place In The Sun, You Have Got To Put Up With A Few Blisters
30. A Bus That Was Bumping Along A Back Road
31. Tomorrow Is A Mystery, Yesterday Was A History, And The Only Gift That Is With Us Is Today; Therefore It Is Called The Present
32. We Make A Living By What We Get; We Make A Life By What We Give
33. Life—An Experiment
34. A True Story
35. If Therefore Thine Eye Be Single, Thy Body Shall Be Full Of Light
Praise For Life—An Odyssey

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