Nuggets Of Wisdom - A Collection Of Short Stories

A collection of short stories
Nuggets Of Wisdom - A Collection Of Short Stories

Author: J. M. Mehta
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061139
Code: 9329E
Pages: 110
List Price: Rs. 96.00
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Published: 1970
Publisher: Unicorn Books
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Parables, anecdotes and fables have always been popular ways of conveying essential wisdom for personal development. Nuggets of Wisdom is one such book - a rare collection of little tales, stories and incidents that the author has painstakingly collected over the years. Each is a prime example of earthy wisdom that young people need so badly, but which are so hard to come by in the rush of coping with the minutiae of daily life. They uplift the mind, open practical channels of right action, as well as appeal to one's higher consciousness and sense of ethics, besides promoting robust common sense.Bookish learning is soon forgotten but the wisdom contained in this book will always stay with the reader. It is highly recommended to the younger generation, so that they may live their lives to their fullest potential!

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About the Author(s)

The author, J.M.Mehta has been devoting much of his time in reading and writing. He has a deep interest in spirituality and in ancient Indian philosophy in particular. In spite of his advanced age and health problems, he is engaged in the regular study of the scriptures.Having built up a treasure house of thoughts, writing on related topics has become his life's mission. His style of writing is simple and lucid.


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* Never Lose Heart
* Think Positive
* Loss in Transit
* Tit for Tat
* A Child and the Flame
* Positive Thinking
* A Dishonest Builder
* A Mother's Heart
* An Act of Kindness
* Respect with Conditions
* Who Am I?
* The Positive Approach
* Who is Rich or Poor?
* Three Interesting Questions
* No Axe to Grind
* Wealth and Poverty
* A Mother's Kiss
* Strange Orders
* The Gift of a Loving Father
* Full Faith in God
* The Lion and the Hare
* Communal Harmony
* The Truth about Suffering
* Shun False Ego
* A Long Speech
* The Lord of Death and the Minister
* The Monkey and the Log
* The Magic Figure of Nine
* A Gift of Love
* Thank God for Everything
* Thief in Disguise
* In Pursuit of Happiness
* Understanding God
* The Secret of Happiness
* The Blanket Does Not Leave Me
* Forlorn
* Remember Good, Forgive Evil
* Day Dreaming
* Wealth, Wisdom or Knowledge
* No Cigarette Smoking
* God is Everywhere
* Qualities for Social Service
* Help of God
* Lesser Choice is for the Better
* Sharing and Caring
* Wandering Mind
* The Heavy Burden
* Unholy Insomnia
* Love the Disabled
* Forgetful Husband
* Cow Giving No Milk
* God is All Wise
* Do Not Ignore Small Things
* Change in Attitude
* A King and his Four Wives
* We Get What We Deserve
* Removal of Poverty
* The Impatient Servant
* Four Guards of Peace and Happiness
* No Greed
* A House on Fire
* Aggressive Behaviour
* God, Man and Peace
* A Diamond Ring
* One in Three
* A Politician's Promise
* God's Children
* Give and Take
* A Hunter Without a Gun
* Twin Parrots
* A Teacher and a Naughty Student
* Blind Faith
* A Lawyer and a Bullock
* A Rich Man's False Promise
* Good People Help Others
* Guru Chela
* False Religion
* Husband Wife
* A Servant Who Got the Job
* Knowledge and Ignorance
* A Blind Begger
* The Clever Rats and a Foolish Woman
* Misuse
* Catching a Monkey
* Why Die Before Actual Death?
* Why Fear Death?
* Cost of Knowledge
* On Drinking
* The Difference
* The King and his Foolish Friend
* Ingratitude
* Control Bad Temper
* The Monkey and the Man
* A Window Without Glass
* A Lazy Fellow
* Different Names and their Background
* Useless Knowledge
* Husband-wife Combination
* Useless Effort
* Painting Which Won the First Prize
* Real Friends
* False Praise and False Promise
* A Matter of Fact
* Negative Thinking
* A Swimming Pool Meeting
* Helping Others Helps You
* Rich and Poor
* An Instant Cure
* A Clever Tactic
* Selection of a Successor
* How to Be a Successful Doctor?
* Tyagi (One who Sacrifices)
* Friendship of a Monkey and Crocodile
* Courage in Crisis
* A Fool is Always a Fool
* Travel Light
* Opposite Situation
* Blind Faith Does Not Help
* The Audience and the Clever Speaker
* Maybe, Maybe Not
* Keep Awake
* Hell
* An Unusual Demand
* A Heartless Millionaire
* Laughter, the Best Medicine
* A Japanese Delegation’s Viewpoint
* It is All for the Good
* Change of Time
* Effect of Brainwashing
* Company of a Holy Man
* A Saint and his Friend
* Father and Son
* Result of Anger
* Proper Guidance
* A Drunkard and an Earthquake
* Four Friends
* The Clever Poet
* Loss of Memory
* Out of Love and Money
* An Unknown Disease
* A Rich Man and God
* About Marriage
* Hair and Children
* Joy of Helping Others
* The Different States of Water
* Clever Candidate
* Value of Brains
* What Will You Become?
* In Tune with Nature
* Married Couple
* A Doctor and a Lawyer
* An Ugly Painting
* A Politician and his Autograph
* The Doctor's Advice
* Costly Advice
* God and the Serpent
* An Old Man and Leg Pain
* Two Salesmen
* Servant of God
* Poor Man Rich Heart
* Never Trust an Enemy
* Have No Attachment
* Gain and Loss

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Sample Chapters

(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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Who is Rich or Poor?
A rich man met a holy man who had no money with him. The rich man offered to give him five thousand rupees but he refused to take it. The rich man was surprised and asked the reason for it. The holy man said,How much money do you have? The rich man said,I have several thousand rupees. Then the holy man asked,Do you wish to have more? The rich man said, Of course. I want to have much more. I want to be a millionaire.Then the holy man laughed and said,How can I accept money from a man who is poorer than I? The rich man could not quite understand what the holy man meant. The holy man explained, Look, though I have nothing, I desire nothing. Since I want nothing, I have no needs, and am therefore rich. You have enough, but still you want more. This shows you are poorer than I.The rich man felt ashamed and sought the forgiveness of the holy man.
Moral: Contentment is the greatest wealth.

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