Thorn In My Rose Bush

A must-read for about to marry, just married and with some years of marriage
Thorn In My Rose Bush

Author: Prof. A. P. Sharma & Seema Gupta
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061283
Code: 9344A
Pages: 136
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Published: 2007
Publisher: Unicorn Books
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I can't stand it when she does that!
Why did I ever marry her!
He is a rotten husband!
We don't even like each other any more!
We are going to get a divorce!

Feelings like these can crop up at various stages of a relationship, from pre-marital and newly wed to married for a number of years.

These are all clear warning signs that require action.

Wake up before you break up. Smoothen out the rough spots to save, strengthen and enrich your relationship by making the small changes in your perspective and attitude.

Discover the secrets of happy married life. Discover the magic potion that lies in a little give, and a little take. Remember, understanding, compatibility, love and trust for each other develops over time to nurture a marriage.

Just adapt and adopt the simple suggestions to make your married life meaningful.

A must-read for young men and women about to marry, just married and couples with some years of marriage in today's changing scenario.

The two authors themselves have the experience of decades of matrimony, and have been through thick and thin. The varied problems, some big, others small, prompted them to write this book to help couples in shaky boats.

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About the Author(s)

A.P.Sharma was born on December 25, 1932, at Dholpur, in Rajasthan. He graduated from Agra College, Agra, and passed first Masters degree in English Literature from Maharaja's College, Jaipur. Immediately after that he took up a Senior Master's position with the Department of Education in Rajasthan and served the Government for fifteen years. During that period, he also obtained another Master's degree and a Ph.D. in Education from the Universities of Rajasthan and Udaipur respectively. During 1972 he was offered a senior teaching position in Nigeria. He served there for more than twelve years as an Associate Reader of Education at the University of Sokoto.
He came back to India in 1985, became Principal of College of Education and later on worked as a Professor of Education at the IASE, Udaipur, where from he finally retired in 1991. While he was working as a Professor, he also visited Willamette University as a Visiting Scholar, at Salem, Oregon, USA. Some of his popular books are: From Despair to Joy, Words & Phrases that carry Uncommon Meanings, The Meaning To Know Thyself

Seema Gupta has a Master's Degree in Sociology and an MS in Psychotherapy and Counselling. A prolific writer, Ms. Gupta has authored several widely acclaimed books on a wide variety of subjects, including 10 Sutras for Sure-Shot Success in Exams. Many of her articles and short stories in various magazines have won accolades from her readers. The author herself is the happy mother of two energetic teenagers. Some of her popular books are:
Thorn in My Rose Bush, Be Smarty, Fairs & Festivals of India, 10 Sutras for Sure-Shot Success in Exams, 40 Stress Busters, Origin Of 101 Everyday Things, The Portrait of a Perfect Woman, Correct Etiquette and Manners


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Chapter 1 : I hate being controlled
Chapter 2 : Setting the limits
Chapter 3 : Accepting full responsibility
Chapter 4 : You need to show leadership
Chapter 5 : She is turning the kids against me
Chapter 6 : Be a model father for your children
Chapter 7 : Listening to wife is also important
Chapter 8 : You can make things work
Chapter 9 : A woman wants her man to possess backbone
Chapter 10 : A women admires a man who is manly
Chapter 11 : The one who gives, loves truly
Chapter 12 : Goals give you purpose to live
Chapter 13 : Don't live beyond your means
Chapter 14 : The final discourse


Chapter 1 : You are my sweetheart
Chapter 2 : Keep your cool
Chapter 3 : Humour in your fight
Chapter 4 : The enchanting red roses
Chapter 5 : I love you
Chapter 6 : Twinkle in her eyes
Chapter 7 : Excuse me!
Chapter 8 : Talk to me
Chapter 9 : My money, your money, honey
Chapter 10 : A secret we share
Chapter 11 : Sparkling diamond ring
Chapter 12 : Laughter is the best medicine
Chapter 13 : Happy days ahead

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Sample Chapters

(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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Be a model father for your children
Children will not always listen to you, but they will always imitate you. Fathers who punish children for doing wrong, when they haven't taught then how to do right, are themselves wrong

It was the morning of the day, when the Sundarams were getting ready to leave India for Africa. There was a chaotic scene in their house. Several relatives poured in one after the other to bid them farewell and wish them happy journey. The Sundarams were delighted and welcomed them with open arms. Tea, fresh fruits and breakfast was served to all. Then the couple started making preparations to catch the evening flight. Most guests left by noon except one named Anil, who was Prabhakar's first cousin and whom Prabhakar loved very much. Bala asked Anil and his wife Kamala to take some rest in their bedroom that was not yet totally winded up. But Anil did not like to waste time in taking any rest. He wanted to discuss one of his pressing problems with his senior cousin, Prabhakar. As soon as Anil got a chance to talk to Bala, he requested her to ask Prabhakar to spare half an hour for him for he needed to discuss his very personal problem. In fact, it was Kamala who was more eager than her husband to discuss their problem.

Soon Bala got a chance to talk to her husband about Anil's request, and Prabhakar agreed to talk to him around 3 p.m., until then, to let them all rest.

At 3 p.m. Prabhakar went to converse with his cousin and his wife. Anil and Kamala were already waiting for him. After he was seated, he asked Anil what it was he wanted to discuss. After a short pause Anil said, “I do everything for the children and my wife, but they have a feeling that I could do more. At times I also think that way, and desire earnestly to do more than what I have been doing. What more should I do to make them happy?

Prabhakar listened to Anil carefully and said, You are not the first person to think that way. You will have grief and misery if you think that money and property are enough to make you a true father of the family. In fact, my father was the role model for me. He did everything to make me happy. Yet there were so many things that he could not provide me. But I never blamed him for that. For me he was a model father. More than providing material things it was his leadership role that inspired me in my life. At times he disciplined me too but such occasions were few. Some women always complain to their husbands that they are reluctant to discipline their children. But disciplining children is not only teaching. It is much more than that. It is the father's leadership role that is more important for the children. It is managing, training, correcting and also occasional punishment, which is far more important for them rather than fulfilling material needs.

After a short break Prabhakar continued, If a father has to have an ideal influence on his children and wants to have a good relationship with his wife, he must be first a father, which simply means to be a leader of and a model for his children.

Anil interrupted at this point and said, I have tried my best on these lines but I feel that I have not reached a point where my family may look up to me as a leader.

Resuming his conversation Prabhakar said, If a father tries to prove himself only as a good-natured father, he deprives his children of a strong model to pattern themselves after. He also deprives his daughter of a good male model pattern on which she could build her future relationship with a male, particularly with her future husband.

Anil and his wife interrupted at this point and asked, What should be done then?

Prabhakar replied, You need to guide your children. You need to teach them what is right and wrong. You need to educate them to deal with the challenges of life. You must help them to grow up. That is what fathers did thousands of years ago and it is what is required even today.

The conversation lasted for more than an hour. It was time for them to leave as the Sundarams needed more time to make final preparations to go back to Africa. Anil and his wife left them after saying their good byes.

The father who does not teach his son his duties is equally guilty as the son who neglects them.

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