Safe-n-sure Weight Loss Programme

Safe-n-sure Weight Loss Programme

Author: Pankaj Sharma & Dr. Ashok Gupta
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178060446
Code: 9222C
Pages: 130
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Published: 1970
Publisher: Unicorn Books
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Today we have a variety of treatments and course promising miraculous results in weight shedding.But the problem with most of them is that the ment you discoutinue with the prescribed practice you revert to the original shape. This self-help weight loss book is probably India's first well-defined programme on losing weight positively,permanently and naturally. The book includes information on other weight loss regimens in the market and discusses their pitfalls. By following the Safe-n-Sure Weight Loss Programme,you would also ensure you do not regain the lost weight after some time.

This step-by-step programme includes-

*An exercise regimen and crucial information on food and diet,
*An exclusive chapter on low-calorie recipes, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.

These and many other features make this book a truly holistic weight loss guide that will help you lose weight safely and naturally, and help you maintain anideal weight thereafter.

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About the Author(s)

Pankaj Sharma (BBS, MBA) began his career with Tata Donnelley, India's biggest printing house. Thereafter, he shifted to the research and consulting industry. The author is now a new-age lifestyle consultant organising motivational and lifestyle seminars for corporate leaders, students, business persons and people from other walks of life. As a natural lifestyle consultant, he has helped hundreds of clients lose weight naturally, effectively and permanently.

Dr Ashok Gupta (MBBS, DCH) is the Managing Director of SBP Medicare Systems "specialising in critical care medical equipments. His special interest in food and nutrition sparked the conceptualisation of this book. Dr Gupta lives in Delhi with his wife (a practising gynaecologist) and two grown-up sons.

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