Outlook 2000 In Easy Steps

Outlook 2000 In Easy Steps
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178060187
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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With the dawn of electronic messaging and instant connectivity with dizzying speed the need of a new type of personal secretary who could keep track of these mails and messages, was felt worldwide.

The result was an another software package, Outlook Express.

This book introduces the world of Outlook Express in easy and highly comprehensible manner and guides the readers with its step-by-step application hints and do-it-yourself suggestions.

The book puts the world of online communication on your desktop.The software offers hundreds of interesting applications like:

*You can browse through messages quickly and easily

*You can keep your mail on a server so you can view it from more than one computer,

*Use the Address Book to store and retrieve e-mail addresses,

*Add a personal signature or stationery to your messages,

*Send and receive secure messages

*Find newsgroups that interest you

*Download newsgroup messages for offline reading etc.

This book ,thus, is not only beginners but also for those who have good knowledge of computers and various applications.

Annexures in the book further help the readers with its listings of short-cut keys and descriptions of the menus and toolbars and symbols.

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