Comprehensive English Grammar

Comprehensive English Grammar

Author: Dayaram Singh
Format: Paperback
Language: Hindi
ISBN: 9788178063485
Code: U3485
Pages: 559
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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Part - 1
• Auxiliary verbs; important words and Phrases
• Rules for translation in Present, past and future tenses
• Description of auxiliary verbs with examples
• Description of Active and Passive voice
• More than 200 important verbs along with their pronunciation and meaning
• More than 500 most commonly used words along with their pronunciation and meaning
• Practice exercises with examples
Part - 2
• Sentence (Simple, Complex, Compound)
• Noun, Pronoun, Articles, Adjective, Adverb, Quantity, Preposition, Verb, Conjunction, Interjection, Infinitive, Gerund, Participle, Direct – Indirect, Questions, Answers, Negatives, Punctuation
Part – 3
Prefix – Suffix, Forming nouns from adjectives, types of adjectives, adverbs and preposition along with usage, Degrees of comparisons, Different usages of ‘have’ , ‘do’ and ‘make’, Detailed explanation of words used in headlines of major newspaper dailies, etc.

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