Authentic Italian Cuisine

A Practical Way to Cook Nutritious and Tasty Italian Dishes
Authentic Italian Cuisine

Author: Prabhjot Mundhir
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178063850
Code: U3850
Pages: 154
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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"Relish 135 Italian dishes as a meal or a grub

Easy-to-follow recipes to bring a taste of Italian specialties
Italian cuisine, derived from traditional Greek cooking is considered one of the oldest in Europe. Over the centuries the culinary traditions from Greece became integral part of Italian cooking. The Italian cooks perfected the art of cooking so well that the whole world started enjoying the nutritious pasta, risotto and pizza based palatable dishes cooked in combination with a variety of cheese, poultry, meats and vegetables seasoned with fragrant herbs. Italian ice-creams, water ices and pastry based desserts are well acknowledged worldwide.
'Italian Cuisine' introduces you to a few basic essentials to cook a number of appetizing dishes to satiate anytime hunger. The book includes light and tasty Antipasti (before the meal), Soups, Insalatas / salads, a variety of sumptuous Pasta, delectable Pizzas, creamy Ravioli, Canneloni, Lasagna/lasagna, Polenta, flavourful authentic fish, chicken and meat dishes and fresh delicious- fiberous vegetables etc. Luscious desserts, such as Tiramisu, Zabaglione, Lemon-walnut and Hazelnut ice-creams, Chocolate roll, Italian cheese cakes, Cookies, Italian Triffles and Orange Granita and Coffee Granita etc, too, are equally important part of the book. Most of the dishes in the book are illustrated.
The gourmets will love it.

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About the Author(s)

"Prabhjot Mundhir, the writer is known for her research-oriented work and expertise in culinary arts. Her delicious recipes are not only authentic and innovative but also aesthetically presented. Her widely acclaimed books are Nutritious Mushroom, Paneer Bonanza, Corn Cuisine, Microwave Cooking - made easy, Microwave Cooking and Exotic Mexican Cuisine. 30 Day Rapidex Cookery Course (a practical course specially designed and created for beginners by self-learning) has been edited and illustrated by her.
She also added the recipe section to the book.
Her book Microwave Cooking known for exclusive dishes cooked in a microwave is judged The Best in India (in Easy Recipe Category) by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2011 and her Exotic Mexican Cuisine is judged the Best Latin American Cuisine in India by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2012.

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