Ancient Tales Of Wits, Wisdom And Humour

The best of Birbal, Mulla Nasruddin, Tenali Rama, Appaji Rao and Maryada Raman
Ancient Tales Of Wits, Wisdom And Humour

Author: S. P. Sharma
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178060729
Code: 9248C
Pages: 117
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Published: 2005
Publisher: Unicorn Books
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Tales of legendary courtiers and jesters have delighted people for centuries. Through their wit, wisdom and humour, such men saved themselves and others, even their kings, from ticklish situations.
This book covers five such legendary characters:
* Birbal was the most famous wit and one of the nine jewels in Emperor Akbar's court.
* Mulla Nasruddin is rated as one of the world's most famous funsters and probably lived in ancient Turkey. A man of the masses, he did not enjoy much royal patronage.
* Tenali Rama was a court jester during King Krishnadeva Raya's reign in Vijayanagar.

He gained the confidence of the king and the people for his unique style of tackling problems, besides his keen wit and humour.

* Appaji Rao was King Krishnadeva Raya's Chief Minister, who had the unique ability to unravel the truth underlying tricky situations, often humorously.
* Maryada Raman was a judge during the reign of the Chola kings in south India, with an unerring instinct in meting out justice in cases where direct evidence was absent.
Almost all tales in the book are humorous, with most containing ethical and moral principles.

Some Glimpses:

* Gold over Justice
* Akbar vs God
* The `Pious` Parrots
* Tenali`s Street Smart Son
* The Snobbish horse

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About the Author(s)

The author is a retired MNC executive with interests ranging from art and literature to music, sports, religion and philosophy. Thanks to a keen interest in public affairs, he has contributed thought-provoking articles to leading Indian periodicals. His previous titles published by Pustak Mahal include: Success Through Positive Thinking, The Art of Loving, Youngster's Guide for Personality Development, Treasury of Inspirational Thoughts and Laughter: The Secret of Good Health.

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