The Wisdom And Art Of Yoga - Authentic Exposition Of Ancient Tradition Of Yoga

The Wisdom And Art Of Yoga - Authentic Exposition Of Ancient Tradition Of Yoga
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Author: Dr. K. S. Joshi
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178063164
Code: U3164
Pages: 247
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Published: 1970
Publisher: Unicorn Books
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In the past few decades, we have witnessed a sudden growth in the interest in the so far silent area of yoga. As a response to it, a number of books have appeared in almost all the languages, on the practices of yoga. Most of them are designed to attract the beginners. Here is a thorough-going exposition of the ancient tradition of yoga, also describing its scope and utility in modern times. It fulfills the needs of the beginners, the yoga teachers and the research-minded inquirers. For every reader interested in having authentic information about all the aspects of yoga in the light of modern findings, not according to this or that individual, this book would offer substantial help.

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About the Author(s)

Dr. K.S. Joshi is a widely acclaimed author. He retired as the Head of the Department of Yogic Studies at the Sagar University, Madhya Pradesh, India and has guided many research scholars. This compilation has been made from his notes collected over half a century.

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