Make The Move-demystifying Entrepreneurship

Demystifying Entrepreneurship
Make The Move-demystifying Entrepreneurship

Author: Ishan Gupta & Rajat Khare
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061146
Code: 4023A
Pages: 158
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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The President said to the authors-
You must always remember this whenever you venture out into the world:

* You must have a goal or mission in life.
* You must acquire knowledge about your target.
* You must sweat it out.
* You must have the willpower to succeed when there is a problem.
* You must and surely will achieve the goal.

Whenever you will be entrusted with an important task, you may feel scared whether you would be able to do it. At that time, you must take a step ahead and become the captain of the problem and not let the problem rule you. You will then defeat it for sure. Then you will succeed.

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About the Author(s)

Ishan Gupta is a passionate entrepreneur, renowned speaker, motivator and mentor. Through his seminars and workshops on subjects such as entrepreneurship and marketing, he has inspired many to follow their dreams. He is Co-Founder, Appin Knowledge Solutions and a force behind its marketing campaigns. He has been responsible for establishing it as one of the top technology training institutions in India and abroad. He has graduated in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from NSIT, University of Delhi.Rajat Khare is a technopreneur and a renowned expert in the field of IT Security and Ethical Hacking. He is Co-Founder, Appin Knowledge Solution and the brain behind its technology products. He has been responsible for the launch of Appin Learning Centres across the world. A guest speaker at various prestigious events, he has written books on motivation and technologies like IT Security. He has graduated in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, after securing a 26th rank IIT JEE.Both have been best friends since childhood and have shared a lot of precious moments together. Now they would like to share their beautiful story of how they ventured into the corporate world unprepared and unaware, and in three short years have made a niche for themselves in the technical education industry.


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Part - I
1. Re-defining Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
2. Essentials of Entrepreneurship
3. Initial Phase of Entrepreneurship
4. Understanding Finance
5. Conversion to Serious Business
6. Scaling the Business Realising the Vision
7. Human Resource Management
8. Marketing Expertise
9. Brand Development and Management
Part - II
Our Own Story
(December 23rd 2003, 9:15 p.m.)
Part - III
Those who Made the Move
Experience Cannot be Taught
(Ambika Pillai)
Entrepreneurship is the Way to Live
(Anuj Khare)
Follow Your Instincts
(Arjun Malhotra)
The Fashion Guru
(Ashish Soni)
Dance from the Heart
(Ashley Lobo)
Challenges for the Entrepreneur
(Dilip Cherian)
Obsessive Passion
(Dilip Chhabria)
Gaining A Winning Edge
(Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw)
Globalising a Legacy
(Mohit Burman)
Escorts Towards Newer Horizons
(Nikhil Nanda)
Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship
(Prof. Patrick Turner)
Yes, You Can Do It!
(Pradeep Chopra)
Spreading the Technology Information
(Pradeep Gupta)
Creating a Groundswell of Computer Professionals
(Rajendra S. Pawar)
Dare to Dream, Dare to Fail, Dare to Resurrect, Dare to Succeed
(Raveena Raj Kohli)
Putting your Money Where your Mouth is
(Sandeep Tyagi)
Entrepreneurship in the Internet Era
(Tarun Wig)
Sharp Focus is a Must
(Vishnu R. Dusad)

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Sample Chapters

(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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Experience Cannot be Taught By Ambika Pillai
Growing up in the south during the 60s taught me that being true to yourself is the only real road to happiness and fulfilment. As luck would have it, I never really found my groove till pretty late in life.
Ive come to believe there are two kinds of people: people who are born talented and the others who work and strive very hard to learn and master an art. I know now that I have been blessed with an art which has won me many awards and has been appreciated by thousands. I thank God for keeping an eye out for me.
I have never been professionally trained in make-up, though I did go to school for hairdressing. I chanced on make-up purely by default. I believe in every field you need a godfather, and mine was Hemant Trivedi. A perfectionist himself, he recognised my hidden talent and gave me the biggest break of my career. I was barely two faces old when he got me to do the then reigning Miss World Aishwarya Rai's face for an ad film which won me the Best Make-up Artist of the Year award. There's been no looking back since.
I have come to realise that rules and words like Never and Always are sure death to creativity. I am grateful for my lack of formal training in make-up. The journey itself may have taken longer, but along the way I discovered things I could not have been taught. For me, new and exciting ideas are most often created when chances are taken and rules are broken.
I have been in this field for 18 long years, out of which 8 years were spent hopping from one salon to another as a hair stylist. It's been 10 years since Ambika Pillai opened. The journey has been long and gruelling, but hard work eventually pays off. What started with one salon and 8 employees has expanded into 4 salons with 200 employees. Today, I see myself as a gratified woman in a rewarding job!

Ambika Pillai is known as the Make-up artiste with the Midas touch. She is the owner of a chain of beauty salons all over India, famously known by the brand-name Ambika Pillai She has won the Make-up Artist of the Year award, from the Indian Academy of Advertising and Film Art.

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