Last Minute Guide Chemistry For Aieee

Last Minute Guide Chemistry For Aieee

Author: M. K. Sharma & Dr. Sant Kumar
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178062952
Code: U2952
Pages: 448
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• Covers Theory and MCQs on the Latest Exam Pattern and Syllabus
• Emphasis on Clarity of Concepts
• A Concise and Practical Course for Rapid Understanding

The Trailblazer study guides present AIEEE preparatory materials for exam's preparation, which include everything that students need to pass the exams with flying colours.
The aim and scope of this series is to provide a concise, to the point yet comprehensive study package based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus for AIEEE.
The study guides are the result of several years of authors' teaching experience, and to prepare them they have drawn extensively from their lecture notes and tutorials developed over many years of coaching students for AIEEE, IIT-JEE.

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1. Some Basic Concept of Physical Chemistry
2. Atomic Structure
3. Nuclear Chemistry
4. Redox Reaction
5. Dilute Solution
6. Thermo Chemistry
7. Electro Chemistry
8. Chemical Kinetics
9. Chemical Equilibrium
10. Ionic Equilibrium
11. Solid State
12. Gaseous State
13. Surface Chemistry
14. Periodicity in Properties
15. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
16. Hydrogen and Its Compounds
17. s-Block Elements
18. Boron Family
19. Carbon Family
20. Nitrogen Family
21. Oxygen Family
22. Halogen Family
23. Noble Gases
24. d-Block and f-Block
25. Analytical
26. Metallurgy
27. Coordination Chemistry and Organometallics
28. Nomenclature and Isomerism
29. Concept of Organic Chemistry
30. Organic Reactions
31. Hydrocarbons
32. Organic Compound Containing Halogens
33. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
34. Aldehyde, Ketones Carboxylic acids and Derivatives of Carboxylic acids
35. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
36. The Biomolecules and Biological Process
37. Polymers

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