Fascinating Folk Tales Of India

Fascinating Folk Tales Of India

Author: Swapna Dutta
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178060927
Code: 9273C
Pages: 48
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Published: 2005
Publisher: Unicorn Books
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This interesting and enchanting collection of folk tales from all over India is basically meant for children to make them learn the language and at the same time acquaint them with rich Indian values and culture.
These short stories contain all the necessary ingredients that are required to capture a child`s ever-inquisitive mind and help him solve the various mysteries of life. Actually, folk tales originated from the bedtime stories that were usually narrated to us by our grandmothers and mothers and these stories contained a moral coupled with wit, humour, thrill, horror, beauty, love and what not!

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About the Author(s)

Swapna Dutta is a prolific writer for children of all ages. She has written several enthralling short stories and articles. These have been published as books and in children's magazines.


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1. The Magical Chant
2. Rumna and Jhumna
3. The Rainbow Prince
4. How was the Moon Created?
5. The Value of Tears
6. Ramu does his Best
7. When Destiny Decides...

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Sample Chapters

(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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How Was The Moon Created?
Many, many years ago, when the world was newly created, there was only the glowing sun shining in the azure to give light to the people. Time consisted of an infinite day with the sun remaining brightly all the time in the sky.
The sun did not set at all. So there was nothing called night. People worked until they were too tired to work any more. Then they stopped to rest. There was no set time for work or a fixed time for sleep.
One day, the Creator came to monitor the world. He saw some men working in the fields. When did you plough this field? he asked one of them.
Today, replied the man looking at the Creator in surprise.
When did you dig that pit? the Creator asked another.
Today, said the second man.
And when did you make that garden?
Today, of course, said the third man looking puzzled. Why do you ask, my Lord? There is only today! Whatever happens, happens today.
The Creator said nothing but simply walked on. He met a woman carrying a little child in her arms.
When was this boy born? he asked the mother.
Today, master, said the woman, bowing low.
Before long, the other children also came there and stood by their mother.
And when were their siblings born? the creator asked again.
Today, of course, said the woman in surprise. Why do you ask such a strange question? Everything happens today.
Then the Creator understood. The people had no sense of time because there was no bifurcation of days and nights, no division of time. He decided to do something about it. He called out to the sun and said, You must not remain in the sky all the time.
Then what should I do, master? asked the sun in surprise.
You must set in the evening and rise again, the next morning. Then the people will not work when it is dark and know that it is the time for resting. When you rise again, they will know that it is another day, not the same one.
Very well, master, said the sun. It shall be as you wish.
The next day, as soon as it was evening, the sun went down and the world grew dark. The people did not understand what had happened or why it was dark. They were frightened and ran amuck. Some of them fell into ditches and hurt themselves. Some children fell from trees. The women knocked their vessels in the dark and broke them. There was total confusion everywhere. Nobody knew what to do!
Finally, the oldest man, the wizard among them, called out to everyone and said, Lie down and rest, all of you. You can do nothing in this darkness.
Gradually, people learned to think of the night as a time for rest and a break from their work. They woke up when the sun rose in the sky and it was light once again.
By and large, the people were happier. They did not have to keep working until they dropped down exhausted. They knew that they had to stop when it got dark and they could see nothing. In this way, their time got splitted into hours of sleep and work equally and they felt much better.
But there was one problem. Since, they could see nothing after sunset, they often fell into ditches and holes. They banged against trees and knocked against people. They could not see where things were kept and broke things. It became quite chaotic!
Then the Creator visited them once again. Well, he asked, are things any better now that you have days and nights? Do you feel better after resting all night?
Oh yes, they told him. We feel better and fresh in the morning. But we cannot see when it is dark. So we often get hurt, lose and break things. It is really very difficult after it gets dark. Can't we have the sun for a little while longer? That would make life so much easier for us.
No, said the Creator, you cannot have the sun at night. But I shall give you something else to make light for you. Its light will not be as bright as the sun's. But you will be able to see and walk on the roads although, you will not be able to work in your fields. It will give you a nice, soothing light which will make things much easier and stop you from having accidents.
And then, he created the moon. It rose in the sky and shone softly at night. People could see but the soothing light did not hurt their eyes or stop them from sleeping. After that it was a happy and comfortable life for man with the bright sun in the day and the glistening moon at night!

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