Bhoutiki Jee Main

Bhoutiki Jee Main

Author: Sunder Singh
Format: Paperback
Language: Hindi
ISBN: 9788178063010
Code: U3010
Pages: 322
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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1. Unit, Dimensional Analysis and Percentage Error
2. Vector Analysis
3. Motion in One Dimension
4. Motion in a Plane
5. Newton’s Laws of Motion and Force
6. Work, Power and Energy
7. Rotational Motion
8. Gravitation and Motion of Planets
9. Elasticity
10. Surface Tension
11. Viscosity and Bernoulli’s Principle
12. Simple Harmonic Motion
13. Thermometry and Expansion of Solids, Liquids and Gases
14. Kinetic Theory of Gases
15. Thermodynamics
16. Transmission of Heat
17. Wave Motion
18. Ray Optics
19. Wave Optics
20. Electrostatics
21. Capacitance and Condenser
22. Electric Current

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