Animal Tales From Indian Mythology - 2

Animal Tales From Indian Mythology - 2

Author: Santhini Govindan
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061870
Code: 9386A
Pages: 70
Price: Rs. 125.00

Publisher: Unicorn Books
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From time immemorial, the people of India have believed that animals and birds are an integral part of life on earth and are loved, nurtured, and even deified.

Every important Hindu god or goddess has a vahana or vehicle to carry him or her through the heavens, and these vahanas are animals or birds. They not only carry around their divine owners, but also play an important role in their lives, battles, triumphs and adventures. Hindu gods and goddesses often took the form of an animal or a bird to accomplish various missions on earth, or to test a devotee’s faith and character.

Delve into the world of animal fables that include:

Jatayu and Sampati

Shibi Rana’s resolve

The Story of Garuda

Skanda Turns Surapadma into a Peacock

Hanuman and Makardhwaja

Krishna – Balrama Fight Dhenakasura

Lord Vishnu Saves Gajendra

Sugreeva’s Mighty Battle.

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About the Author(s)

Santhini Govindan is an award-winning children's writer. Many of her short stories have appeared in The Hindu, The Deccan Herald, The Sunday Observer, Children's World, Tinkle, Champak, Children's Digest, PCM Children's Magazine and Highlights for Children (published from Pennsylvania, USA).

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